Commitment Ceremony

Commitment is not legally binding but, what a perfect way for a couple to express how you feel about each other. To show how much your care for each other and to show their own dedication amongst devoted family and friends.

You may wish to choose from - A private weekend escape, to all the glitz and glamour , or anything in between! The choice is yours.
Commitment Ceremonies can be conducted any time of the day from dawn to dusk. There is an overwhelming list of venues. (I have included some in my booklet “Your Choices”)

I can offer you choices for the entire content of your ceremony!

There are many options to choose from.

  • Multicultural, traditions, values and spiritual beliefs.
  • A wonderful grand affair in a formal garden.
  • On a cliff top or on the beach.
  • At a function centre.

As your Celebrant I am able to perform a ceremony anywhere in Australia.
These include:-

  • a beautiful remote island,
  • rainforests,
  • boat

I would like to encourage you to attend a consultation to discuss the requirements of your ceremony. I am only too happy to perform your ceremony at your choice of location.
Make your Ceremony come alive!
Consider, writing a little about you own personal history. (You may wish to discuss about your friends and family time together). After all, these, your family and friends have come together to share the interest they have with you. It is very interesting to bring a personal touch for all to share and enjoy. I am able to embrace and incorporate many distinctive and individual sections to your Ceremony.

What my Fee gives you!

Your choice Ceremony, you can either choose from my samples or crafted for you by me. You may have something special in mind!
Every couple is unique and I do understand that every ceremony requires different needs.

Catering to your individual needs.

  • No obligation first consultation (free)
  • Attending and officiating professionally at your Ceremony
  • Lending you my booklet "Your Choices" to help you select choices for your special day and how to write your vows. (This booklet is lent once the deposit is paid)
  • Practicing your vows together, if required.
  • Use of my portable wireless PA system. This PA System is able to play your favourite music during your ceremony.
  • Presenting you with a professionally prepared Certificate, and a beautifully presented copy of your Ceremony to keep.
  • Unlimited consultations with me either personally or by phone, or email

I look forward you meeting with you to discuss the time,date and venue of your choice!