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IPhone Setup

Celebrant for Marriage Website goes mobile!

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Now when you're on the go you can still access
the Celebrant for Marriage website from your
mobile/smartphone or tablet via our Mobile Website!

How to Use

You don't have to do anything, just visit/access celebrantformarriage.com from your
mobile device, and our site will take care of the rest. Please remember to visit us often
as our site is continually changing and updated.

How to setup as an iPhone application

Your typical iPhone application setup!

  • Load the Celebrant for Marriage website in mobile Safari
  • Click “Add to Home Screen” on your iPhone to add it to your home screen
  • After clicking on this icon, the loading image or splash image will be shown
  • Celebrant for Marriage mobile web site will load
  • Celebrant for Marriage mobile site, will then run in fullscreen (without the address bar)
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iPad and Tablet Ready

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Platforms Supported