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Below are just some of the wonderful inclusions you can add to your service!

Love Lock Ceremony

unity candle ceremonyNew and exciting ceremony!
Locking your love is the ancient custom of symbolically locking one's love on a never-ending chain or ribbon. You can forever lock your love with your beloved. For those who wish to symbolize their enduring love. Each one locks their heart padlock to the other's and slips the locks onto a chain or ribbon that creates a never ending circle. Then tie the keys to a separate ribbon attached to 2 helium filled balloons to be released into the sky, thus uniting your love for eternity. Watch the audience applause as the balloons are released!

Celebrant for Marriage

Unity Candle

unity candle ceremonyLighting of the Unity Candle this is often called the Blessing -  A single candle symbolically represents two individuals joining as one, Faith and Love. The individual tapers shows the Bride and Groom their intent to unite. There are several ways in which this ceremony can take place.  As the flames of the candles are alight this shows the two lives now coming together.  The extinguishing of the flames- two are now as one. This usually takes place after the exchange of the wedding rings.  My lantern can be used the Unity Candle Ceremony on windy days and can also be used for the Butterfly Release.

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Butterfly Release

butterfly movingAccording to an American Indian Legend-  is to capture a Butterfly and make a wish.  As the butterfly makes no sound, the butterfly can not reveal the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit.  The Great Spirit always grants the wish.  We, the audience, gather and make wishes.  These wishes are made for the Bride and Groom. The butterflies are release to the Great Spirit to grant their wishes. This is usually done after the exchange of rings and vows and before the ceremony finishes.

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Sand Ceremony

SAND (40)The sand represents the two different lives. These two individuals (Bride and Groom) have met a fork in their journey and in their life. As the sand is blended together so is their love for each other. The sand is then blended into a single container. As the sand is blended together, so is their love and so the Bride and Groom become, Two as one, as per my poem. "Two Souls as One"

Celebrant for Marriage

Wine Ceremony or  Wine Sharing

Celebrant for Marriage Wine CeremonyThis is similar to the sand ceremony.  A red rose is the symbol of love and therefore we use the red wine.  There are two containers, one with red wine (love) and the other white wine (purity).  As the two containers of wine are blended together in the Marriage Carafe, the wine is said -" it can never be separated"  So is the Bride and Grooms love for each other. The wine is then poured into a Unity Cup for the Bride and Groom to drink  (drinking is optional)

Celebrant for Marriage

Hand Washing/Hand Warming/Ring Blessing

Celebrant for Marriage Water FontHand Washing Ceremony - This ceremony is a Hawiian tradition. It is called “Hiuwai” The water is the purification and it is a ritual cleansing.  As the hands are washed over the stones – “faith, believe, hope, love trust, peace, joy, dreams  and peace. So it said.  The Bride and Groom also wash each others hands a a sign of love and respect for one another. There is also another option for Hand Washing/ Hand Warming!

Celebrant for Marriage

Invoking the Four Directions

north south east and westThis is similar to Handfasting
This Ceremony has four coloured ribbons and aligns ourselves with the four cardinal directions- North, South East and West. It is believed that the human souls shares characteristics with all divine. These cardinal directions build a happy and successful union. In the ceremony these cords are wrapped around the Bride and Grooms hands uniting them, with one coloured ribbon at a time.  At the end, the four ribbons are joined; they have now declared their love and promises in front of the family and friends.

Celebrant for Marriage

Rose Sharing

Two single Red Roses The Bride gives her Mother a single rose and says “thank you Mum”   and the after the ceremony goes the Grooms Mother and says” thank you Mum” and hand her a rose and an appreciation.

There are so many other Ceremonies to choose from like- Dove Release, Bubble Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Blessing of Hands and many more!

Celebrant for Marriage
These are some poems that I have personally written!
Two Souls as one
Today is the beginning of a dream.
This day, as two souls are woven together as one.
We come together to cherish every moment that life has to offer.
And celebrate every small pleasure with love and devotion.
For these souls are as one.
For they are in love, deeply,
For now and always “
By Ursula Lhotka.
We Stand here Together
 We stand together again,
United as one
As the memories flood back,
Back, to the time when our love was bright
A bright light flickering but never went out
We stand together again, two as one.
Two hearts beating as one
We stand together again, gleaming in love.
We stand united to seal our love.
We will stand here together again now and for all eternity.
My Love!
By Ursula Lhotka.

This is going to be the happiest and memorable day of your life. An atmosphere of love and romance. You will share the joy and deep commitment for one another.A sacred trust and the precious gift of love.

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