Single Parents In College

\Single parents make up the biggest demographic group of adults who are returning to college to complete their education. Since single parents face raising their children alone on one income, that income must be as high as possible. For this to occur, many single parents are finding it essential to return to school to get a degree that will enable them to better provide for their families. Single parents in college face many of the same trials and tribulations that any other group of individuals would face, but they also face added financial and social stigma trials.

Common Problems for Single Parents In College

One of the most common problems that single parents in college will face is the added financial burden of either paying for the classes themselves, or for paying their bills while they work fewer hours to complete coursework. This financial burden is unlike any other that is faced by traditional college students, and it can often be the reason that many single parents ultimately decide to not attend school.

Another one of the more common problems that are faced by single parents in college is the lack of social acceptability that they receive once there. Single parents often find themselves to be alienated in a college setting, as their peers are a lot more irresponsible and immature than they are. In this case, it is possible for single parents to feel alone and even this small setback and affects the way they perform in their studies.

Additional trials faced by single parents in college include the inability to locate responsible and reliable daycare services during school hours or to find a work schedule at their current job that will allow them to attend their courses on time while still getting the hours they desperately need.

How Single Parents In College Can Cope

Even though there are some possible setbacks and trials that a single parent in college will face, there are also many ways that they can overcome these trials to succeed in their effort to better their lives through education. For instance, there are grants and student loans available for single parents to help them pay their school tuition and also make up the income that they will miss out on while attending class.

Some colleges also offer free child care during class time for students who have children, and there are also government-funded programs that offer free child care for single parents who qualify. As for being socially accepted in college, single parents can either actively take part in extra activities that can help them socialize with classmates, or they can resolve themselves to the fact that they do not need the acceptance of other students while in school.

Although there are several trials that single parents in college will face, there are also some ways to move past those trials and be successful. With better education and a college degree, single parents will be able to move forward and provide a better life for themselves and their children.