Single Parents In The United States Today

Even though single parenting is more socially accepted in today’s society, there are still many trials that test the psychological well-being of single parents in the United States today. Although the strain of raising a family alone can be strong, many things can be done to lessen the burden and protect their psychological well-being.

Getting Over The Past And Moving Forward

The first thing that single parents need to do to maintain healthy psychological well-being, is to get over the past so that they can start over with a clean slate. Single parents in the United States just like those all over the world, face a huge amount of guilt that comes from leaving a child with only one parent. To get over these feelings of guilt, counseling is needed to help a single parent get over the trials of losing a partner and having to raise a family alone.

Making Ends Meet

Another obstacle that weighs heavy on the psychological well-being of single-parent is how they are going to make ends meet. There is no doubt that the financial strain that a single parent faces is enormous. Suddenly they are thrust into a situation where they are dealing with half the funds but all of the responsibility. This can cause single parents to feel as if they have to work endlessly to provide their children with the same quality of life as they had before. To protect their psychological well-being, there are many financial assistance programs available that can enable single parents to lessen the burden placed upon them.

Loneliness And Isolation

It can be difficult to face each day alone as a single parent. Getting back into the dating scene is even more difficult with children as well. Trying to find the time to date, and individuals who would fit into your lifestyle can make it close to impossible to find someone to spend your life with. All this, coupled with the fact that you have less time for friends than you did when you had a partner to share the responsibility with can cause a single parent to become lonely and isolated.

Joining playgroups for your children or becoming active in the PTA and other community groups can provide you with a way to make friends and socialize without taking time away from your children. Steps like this can help single parents in the United States maintain their psychological well-being.

There are many issues that single parents in the United States face which can negatively affect their psychological health. From trying to purchase a home of their own, to deal with the hassles of providing financially for their children, single parents must find ways to balance out the bad with the good to live a healthy and productive life.